WET/DRY Slides & MORE!

Our removable 10' pool gives the water slide an extra dose of splash on hot days!


  • We have both DRY and WET (with pool) options
  • The DRY slide is $350 per day*
  • WET water slide (with pool) is $420 per day*
  • Additional fee for parks
  • Mega Obstacle Course is $435 per day

Big Blue Slide without Pool (DRY)
15' x 19' x 14'
(W x L x H)

Big Blue Slide with Pool (WET)
15' x 29' x 14'
(W x L x H)

Multi-Color Mega Slide
11' x 32' x 15'
(W x L x H)

Mega Obstacle Course
11' x 52' x 16'
(W x L x H)

Rent Online - Free To Reserve!

Just like UPS and FedEx schedule their deliveries and pickups depending on their route each day, so do we! We deliver all stops on one truck, then we turn around and go back to pick them up. So please help us accommodate your needs by providing us with both your party start time AND end time when you make your reservation!

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Delivery Area

Before you make a reservation, please locate your delivery address on the map to know your zone!

*RED / ZONE 1: Free Delivery
Deliveries in this area are no extra charge!

BLUE / ZONE 2: Out Of Area Delivery
If you're in this area, add $30 for delivery

YELLOW / ZONE 3: Extended Area Delivery
Deliveries in our extended area will add $50, with a $220 minimum reservation total

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Bounce & Slide

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